Friday, January 29, 2010

Tony Blair is Super Great

This is why I love politicians. They always say genius things when most appropriate.

He claims he would make the same decision, to send our troops to Iraq, if ever necessary to for a second time.
According to Wikipedia, 4,378 US Soldiers have died in Iraq. 31,639 US Soldiers have been wounded. Is that really something to support? Maybe that's not as bad as WWII, but this isn't a World War, this is a war fought mainly in middle eastern countries.
It may have saved Iraqi citizens, but we have to watch out for ourselves. We are still in debt, people are still struggling to support their families, and our economy is still in the crap hole.
Imagine how much money we could be saving by not investing in another country's freedom. Maybe we could save more money by investing a lot less into another countries freedom. The economy is trying to rise, and I'm all for helping other countries, but maybe we should be greedy for a while and help ourselves prosper before our economy craps out again.

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